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Celebrating and supporting the guardians of the next generation.
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Also, how do you learn to trust other people with your children?

My dad left when I was really young, so my mom tried to surround my brothers with positive role models. Three of my brothers were molested by men my mother thought she could trust. One was by our uncle, another by one of the older kids in a mentorship program that our church had, and one was by one of my brother’s friend’s dad. When all this came out (more than 10 years ago) out of the 3 brothers that had been molested: one was in jail, one…

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My wife and I are raising a 7 year-old boy with ADHD and while he is an amazing young man, it can be a struggle at times. We are very involved and dedicated parents and our household is generally very loving and nurturing.

Today I was quite shocked to see my wife return home in tears after walking him to school. She told me that as they were getting ready and walking he was dawdling and in a fairly distracted slightly defiant mood. He began to talk about a (usually) good friend of his that he had an argument with…

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So much of parenting is about meeting the kid's needs, and doing daily chores, or doing activities with them for the kid's sake. Here are some activities I love though:

  1. Playing a game together. It’s a lot of fun to play games on the PC, and he helps a lot sometimes. He gets a kick out of participating and learning when I solve problems out loud, and he loves participating too. “Dad maybe if you put a portal there…”.
  2. Driving. Just driving nowhere in particular. Driving in silence, and having a dad-son trip is really awesome. When the entire family…

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I feel like the worst mother and person. Today, I decided to take our son (twenty months) out on a walk with our dog. Our walk was going great and actually drawing near an end when I saw a woman with her dog further down the block. Since my dog gets excitable when he sees other dogs, I drew him in closer to me as we approached.

However, he managed to break the leash free from my grip and attack the other dog. Our dog (Corgi) has never attacked another dog, person, etc. I don’t understand what provoked him. The…

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I have 3 brothers and I truly have nothing against people who have lots and lots of children. My husband (28m) and I (30f) have a beautiful, smart, vivacious and kind baby girl (22 months old) and we do not plan on having any other kids in the near or distant future. Apparently, this decision doesn’t sit well with most of our family/friends/coworkers who have taken it upon themselves to tell us almost EVERY DAMN DAY that our child needs a sibling in order to thrive in her life.

As she will be starting school in a little more than…

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We had 4 dogs, one was my then 2.5 year old’s favorite. Dog loves 2.5 yo more than he loves us. Mind you, he was my favorite and I loved him more than any of the others. (I know even dog parents aren’t supposed to have favorites!) I used to say he was just waiting for 2.5 yo to be born. He was 7 years old by the time the child was born. We didn’t know but he had gotten stomach cancer. By the time we caught it, it was too late. The only humane thing to do was to…

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So, my husband is military and we live a good while away from our home state. My MIL tries to keep in contact with him and has visited once since we moved here. We decided, during the holidays, that we would drive down and see both his family and mine for a week while he was on leave. His mom suggested we stay at her home for that week since she “missed her boy” and she had an extra room we could stay in. We accepted because it would save us the money we’d spend on a hotel room.


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My wife and I are lost with our nearly 7 year old boy. In most ways he’s wonderful. Sharp, fun, and a huge capacity for love and caring that makes raising him so… tolerable.

My son goes freaks out when faced with something challenging. Or being worse than someone else. For example, if someone is running and he can’t run faster he will last about 3–5 seconds and then collapse to the ground and have a fit. “It’s unfair,” “they are cheating,” etc. Another example: if he doesn’t quickly know how to figure out a math problem. He will proceed…

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My boys are from a sibling set of 5 total. My older son is now 14 and while he has typical teenage stuff he’s come a LONG way. My younger son is 13.

He had very little self-confidence and had to also learn that he didn’t have to act as a parental figure to his younger brother. He has a good head on his shoulder and while I know he’s absolutely going to make mistakes… he’s a genuinely good kid / makes good moral choices.

My younger son drives my wife and me up the wall. He is ridiculously smart…

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