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Celebrating and supporting the guardians of the next generation.
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My son (7) has been best friends with another little boy (also 7) about as far back as he can remember. They met in preschool.

That is where I met the little boy's mom. We became “acquaintance friends”. We noticed our sons gravitated toward one another so we began arranging playdates, which we had on a regular basis for many years.

When COVID hit last year me and this other mom became very close as we allowed our son to be part of a “pod” with 2 other moms to provide the kids with some weekly outdoor social interaction.


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Husband and I have a 7 mo old Baby. We’re both in our 30s and work FT. H works A LOT, 60+ h/wk regularly. All our relationship, he’s talked about cutting back in the future (when he got X promotion, when he completed X project) but it never really happened. He promised last year that he was serious about cutting back when B was born, and in his defense he did take his full FMLA leave to spend with us (we staggered our leaves so we’d be off 6w together, then I’d be off alone with B for 6w, then…

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I should say this friend is two months from 18. The age is not an issue with me because they have been close their entire lives. This friend is a transgender boy. Last week a third friend had a party with friends, it was going to be my younger teen daughter’s first sleepover away from home. But the boy was going to be there. I told my daughter, “Your friend is a boy. No exceptions, no sleepovers if a boy (or her lesbian friend) will be there.”

My daughter is not the one who is mad, we agreed on her…

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My husband (36M) and I (35F) have 2 kids: 7F and 2M. The 7-year-old goes to hybrid public school every weekday for 4 hours and then is home doing virtual school for 2.5 hours. The 2-year-old is not in any childcare.

My husband and I have had longstanding arguments about his contributions to housework and childcare (he thinks he does plenty, I think he’s not contributing nearly enough). I’m a SAHM.

3 months ago, he lost his job unexpectedly. Since losing his job, his contributions to housework and childcare have actually declined quite a bit. During the week, he does…

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Background: 15-month-old son, we live in the same city as my mom. We have been dealing with a bout of constipation for a little while. We’ll have a good strand then our little guy will get backed up and then good again. We’ve been in frequent contact with our pediatrician and have been doing everything we can, making dietary adjustments as we go, increasing water intake as much as he’s willing to drink, etc. Point is, we’re actively trying to combat this and care deeply. There is no medical emergency and the doctor isn’t worried.

During Easter, he was struggling…

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For Mother’s Day, my daughters (9, 5) each decorated a photo frame that we filled with a recent picture of them. The youngest also decorated a face mask, because those are the times we live in, I guess. But the oldest wanted to bake bread for breakfast. She’s done this before, usually with some help, so no worries there. This time she wanted to do it all by herself.

After putting the dough up for leavening, she noticed that it really wasn’t doing much at all after the standard leavening time had gone by. …

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New dad here, looking for advice on how to help my wife. We are first-time parents and we had a baby girl last year in August. Our baby is an absolute dream. She’s been sleeping through the night for the past month and a half or so. She’s a super chill baby and only really fusses when she’s hungry or overly tired.

My wife is a SAHM and I’m the main breadwinner. I work banker’s hours, with weekends off. I try to pull my weight as I know that being a full-time Mom is HARD. I do things like taking…

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Almost 2 years ago we found out we were pregnant with our first kid, who came in March right at the beginning of the pandemic last year.

Before the pandemic, we both had high-paying jobs in NYC with more than enough extra cash coming in to support a family of 3.

Once the pandemic hit, mom was 9 months pregnant starting her maternity leave, but the pandemic ruined our finances. She lost her job completely leaving all the financials on me and my company-issued large pay cuts that just ended in January and my salary is back to normal. However…

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I (32f) am in a stable and committed relationship. I love kids, all sorts and from babies to teens. They make me laugh and I love chatting to them and playing with my friend's kids. I get so jealous seeing young families and wondering if one day I will have my own, and my partner (34f) and I often talk about what it would be like with kids, all the activities we could do, family trips, etc. We also babysit friend's kids and my partner is a school teacher (currently primary, I think you call it “elementary school” outside Australia)…

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